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So i ordered size 8.5US (My Ride boots was size 10). They arrived yesterday and first thing I noticed was , that they are very light , probably half weight of my Ride boots. So about how they fit...first time when i tried them i thought that i made big mistake with downsizing , my toes touches a lot BUT after a few hours of wearing them , they little packed out and now they are perfect , nice and snug , no heel lift and most wide feet finally dont hurt! First time I dont feel pain in snowboarding boots , im so happy Liner is also very nice, snug around ankle holding your feet. ABout lacing..very simple and usefull. I strapped and tried some presses and ollies on my was incredible , ankle support was great , zero heel lift and finally i was able to press for a long time without hurting my feet So id like to thank u guys for help and tips , I know its hard to buy boots online and with your help i bought perfect size on first time , once again , thank you

In a week im going to mountain so ill write some review how they feel on snow later.

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