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Default Question for the females mostly (spraying peeps)

Was riding with my girl, a female friend of hers, and a buddy of mine today.

Bluebird day, not much to do but butter around and just be a goof.

So I spray the shit out of a few skiers today, made an old lady go "oooop" and apparently turned a skiers black outfit white....

My girl and her friend started getting onto me for blasting skiers with snow, saying I'm mean, and should stop it....

I have rules.... I don't get kids, I don't get boarders often, and I absolutely don't get people talking on phones and what not because I would be pissed if someone got me while I was using electronics. And I also don't get people who just wiped out hard....

Is it such an asshole thing or are the girls just being punks?
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Moral of the story: If your going to rob people, wear a diaper.
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