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Default Credit Card Fraud

hello everyone

I'm just writing up this thread because I just had my bank call me about my credit card. Turns out somebodies got my info.

Now this card is only used for online things and has a 500$ limit.
They tried to take money from me 29 different occasions today alone.

I had just purchased a NS SL-r for total of 480 so they only managed to get 20 bucks out of the account.

And the only things I've use the card for in the past month were a speeding ticket and this board so its a little suspicous.

I bought the board from the Not sure if anyone has any previous experience with them but be careful.

Now this is not an accusation or anything as I don't believe it was the retailer, but no less it was a concern which my bank had found before too long, and I felt the need to tell other people to be careful when dealing online.
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