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Default Another thread asking for advice...

So im snowboard shopping again and really need help on where I should look and get.

The Basics: 6'1"-2", weight: 155, boot size: 12. Currently riding a GNU carbon highbeam 159 with ride LX bindings. Im an experienced rider that can handle all mountain pretty well, however my skill level has plat-toed. I want to get into more park and get better at aerials, grinds/slides, and all around crazy stuff. So ive been researching more "parkish" boards and was curious on your thoughts. I would say my GNU is on the stiffer side and was curious if i should go softer, and also have a smaller board (ive seen so many charts that keep contradicting each other).

But the biggest question I have is: What companies / boards to look at, I havent kept up with the new boards and board manufactures and it seems to be so much to catch up on. advice would be mucho appreciated.

if I missed any important detail my bad ill add it if i did.
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