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Originally Posted by BliND KiNK View Post
dude.. ccs is pretty cheap... softer wheels? bleh.. always used softies for parks.. but always hard for street seshes...
I've been skating for 20+ years, have worked for many years at skateshops, and was a sponsored am for a long time. That said, I totally disagree with you about that.

Harder wheels are faster, give you a rougher ride, slide better, and get flat spots faster. They also catch on rocks, pebbles, cracks, etc a lot more than softer wheels. Thus, harder wheels are often better for parks (esp transition) because the surface area is often less flawed than the street. Also, it is good to be able to "slide out" a semi imperfect landing which is easier with harder wheels.

As for street, some pavement is so shitty that you just can't ride on it with ultra hard wheels. IMHO somewhere around 95A is perfect to street riding. Softer for long boards and just cruising around (all the way down to 85A-88A). Harder (97A+ for transition. Of course, all of this just personal preference, so you just need to try a stuff out.
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