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Im lucky to be sitting here. Back in February, the day before valentines day I was riding to the beach and I was tboned in my door on the drivers side. This lady ran a fucking red light & nearly killed me. Rescue squad cut me out the truck. My left leg broke above my ankle, my head got sliced above my left ear requiring 17 stitches. I was knocked out & got another concussion & cracked 2 ribs on my left side. I spent 11 days in the hospital. The fuckers drilled holes in my leg for a metal rod. physical therapy sucks a fat nutsack. Im on crutches & my legs sore, mostly after therapy. I hope I still have a fucking job to go back to. Thank god for disability insurance. Cracked ribs are painful as shit & everytime you breathe its like being stabbed! Ive had a lot of time to ponder & im to the conclusion that theres a reason im still here. Shit happens for reasons & my card wasnt punched to check out. I dont remember being hit & it doesnt make sense, but waking up in a hospital wondering how the fuck you got there & why all these people are yelling & poking you with needles scared the shit out of me. I cant even think about snowboarding much & not get sad knowing its april & I only rode twice this past winter. Dr sais I got a lot of physical rehabbing to do on my leg before I should try anything hard on it like running & shit so who knows. everyday is a learning experience. I can only hope Im around to ride next winter. who the fuck knows whats around the corner anymore man. Im grateful to be alive & breathing. This bitch that hit me got charged with reckless driving. they didnt arrest her or anything
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