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Surgery was 10 days ago. Gotta wear a sling for 6 weeks and go to physical therapy twice a week for three months. Good news is that I should be back to normal before this winter!

So now I understand exactly what I broke. Turns out when I hit the ground, I dislocated my shoulder. When the ball popped out of the socket, I broke off part of the socket bone. I also tore off some of the cartiledge on the ball. Broken glenoid and torn labrum. Surgeon repaired both of those things.

Showed up at the hospital, changed and they wheeled me in to get drugs. First came the IV, then came the nerve block. By the time they were doing the nerve block, I was pretty out of it from the meds. Don't really remember much after the nerve block room - just waking up after the surgery was over. Arm in a sling with a cooling pad on my shoulder. The next 48 hours was mostly sitting still, taking meds (vicodin and toradol). By the third day I wasn't taking the meds as often and by day five I stopped taking medicine completely. Today is day ten and I haven't had any drugs for five days, my surgery scars are almost completely healed and I feel pretty much normal. Just can't take me arm out of the sling till the repairs heal up.

Already done two physical therapy sessions where the doc takes off the sling and moves my arm around a little. It doesn't hurt at all, but we've moving it just a tiny bit right now. My arm can hang straight down or I can lift it straight in front of me, parallel to the floor. But I can't use the muscles in my arm yet - I have to lift my left arm using my right! Each week we'll take it a little further, getting back range of motion. Strength building will start three months after the surgery - that's when I have no more limitations. Back to the gym, back to playing golf, and most importantly - back to snowboarding this winter!
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