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Originally Posted by twin89 View Post
Damn, thats pretty good, lets see some of that footy!


50-50 rails (no kinks)
got comfy on most boxes
Tail grab
Nose grab
can do jumps up to like 20ish feet now with grabs above (couldn't even comfortably do the kiddy park jumps at beginning of season haha, so its a big impovement for me hehe)
very scetchy switch riding

(next season i want to get board slides and 180s down, maybe even a 3 hah)

thanks, my friend and i are working on a edit right now but havent gotten really started yet. sadly some of the cooler things i did like the 10's and such i didnt get on tape cause its hard to find people to film for you a lot of the time but there should still be some pretty good shots.
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