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Originally Posted by Fusion View Post
So im 5'8 190 lbs, size 12 boots, 32 lashed boots, probably Ride Kink. What should I buy between the Ride Deltas vs Rome 390's and also the Ride ex. Its going to be used with a park board and I want my bindings to be somewhat responsive. I also have some problems with my knees and I was wondering if the Wedgies help any?

Rome 390 = $ 158.97 CAD
Ride Deltas = $ 223.96 CAD
Ride EX = $ 151.96 CAD


Where did you get these prices? Are they for next year because they seem awfully high...

Regarding specifically the EX bindings, if you go that route splurge a bit and get RX's. They have upgraded cant beds and are supposed to be a bit more park oriented than the EX bindings (which, to my understanding and experience are a "do it all" binding).

I think we could probably find better prices for you (unless they're next years), even with the whole Canadian thing, but I might be wrong.
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