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Originally Posted by HoboMaster View Post
Naturally recurring process that drastically alters weather patterns within a 20 year span?
Humans compared to the earth have been around for a super small fraction of time. Are we going to be that ignorant to assume this has only happened now because that is all we know?

Weather and climate patterns do change on earth.... over hundreds and thousands of years. The only time is does change drastically within a short period of time is from a mega-disaster, like a massive volcanic erruption. Last time I checked no continents have been obliterated. It's happening WAY to quickly to say that it's just "Earth doing it's thing". Who knows, but regardless of the oppinion or perhaps fact that global warming Is bullshit, I think we should be doing all the things we are doing to counter it anyways. Ever been in L.A on a hot day? If you have I feel you can agree that we need to take the oil/mass-consumption ideality in a different direction; it's just not sustainable, healthy, or feasable.
Im not going to say global warming and climate change is a hoax, i think it is really happening and i have no problem "going green" and being more sustainable because we should. But i feel that the government, especially the Lib's, are pushing their legislation down our throats in the name of being "green" to make more money and scare the people of this country into submission which they have already done.

If the Republicans can tell people that nothing is going to happen, or that we're not responsible, they can keep milking the oil cow. DISCLAIMER: I'm sure democrats are in it too, I just sympathasize with democratic policy more then I do republican.
Eh, im not one of those repubs that deny everything in the name of god.

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