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Originally Posted by ATOTony76 View Post
Humans compared to the earth have been around for a super small fraction of time. Are we going to be that ignorant to assume this has only happened now because that is all we know?
Listen very carefully Tony, i am only going to explain this once.

You obviously have enough brains to figure out how to turn on a computer, spell words, and form coherent sentences. That is enough.
You have an adequate level of intelligence to understand what is happening. Why you choose to ignore it is your own fault.

Yes nature changes of its own accord. Yes, there have been large climate shifts in the past.

Now think of this.

There used to be lots of fish, more than you could imagine. In some areas, you could pull out buckets of cod, they were so numerous. Now, in the past 60 years, large fish stocks like tuna have declined over 90%. Is it possible for humans to have such a large impact on something so numerous as fish and large as the ocean? Do i even have to bring up the BP spill?

Would you say that someone who said these are not human-caused problems is 'ignorant'?

There have been forest fires in the past. They have happened naturally. Does that mean its impossible for humans to start one?

The entire ecosystem we know is a film on this Earth, and the atmosphere is part of that. As carbon is cycled through the ecosystem, much of it dies as ocean organisms, sinking to the bottom of the ocean, compressed by layers of sediments, and eventually becomes oil.

That oil is taken out of the natural cycle, and the cycle works to keep a balance. Some things upset that balance, solar output, the variation of our orbit, eruptions, etc. But the system keeps working towards stability, ie: a comfortable environment for life.

Now we are taking that carbon back out of the Earth, where its been kept away from the cycle for millions of years, and putting back in the air. We are very demonstrably changing the atmospheric composition.

CO2 is a greenhouse gas. That is not debatable. It keeps this planet from becoming a frozen rock. We are adding CO2 to levels not seen for millions of years, and you still want to pretend this is all coincidence? Do you doubt that CO2 levels are rising? Would you like me to provide you with some graphs that show it is? Or is this not news to you?

What other theory have you heard to make you think humans are not causing this recent warming? Whatever it is, it not only has to explain why the earth just-so-happens to be warming with the advent of industry, but also why all the extra co2 is not doing its job insulating.

You pretty much claim you don't have a clue why the Earth is warming, so why the hell do you argue for dangerous based on 'a hunch'? If you are wrong, the whole world is at stake, not just some silly fukkwit internet arguement.

[QUOTE]Im not going to say global warming and climate change is a hoax, i think it is really happening and i have no problem "going green" and being more sustainable because we should. [/QUOTE}

then why do you post such inane comments like

Now as far as climate change, i don't deny that it is happening, i just don't believe that climate change is caused by us (humans).
if you don't understand Global warming to being with, then you don't understand what an amazingly desperately HUGE problem it is. I'm not talking having to deal with bullshit legislation that you are whining about, i'm talking about our survival as a species.

As humans, we were almost wiped out many years ago during one of he ice ages. Miraculously, enough people survived to carry on the species.

Now we are going to do it again, because people are too focused on living comfortably for the moment to cut back and make sure we don't leave our children with a planet too hot.

But i feel that the government, especially the Lib's, are pushing their legislation down our throats in the name of being "green" to make more money and scare the people of this country into submission which they have already done.
if you are not scared, then you haven't read anything about what happens when a planet warms. That is MUCH more scary than any 'liberal policy' that is too ineffective anyways because it has to pander to Republicans and fukking azzholes who care more about protecting their investments and capitalism than anything else.

But what do you know? Your whole arguement is based on 'a hunch'. You say humans are too 'ignorant' to know what is happening, but how would you judge? You don't even know the basic science. What if you are the ignorant one?

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