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Originally Posted by ATOTony76 View Post
HAHAH what i find funny is that you think CNN is a good source of material and FOX is bullshit when they are both Bullshit.
Third link, pdf of the report from the comission itself. But you didn't actually click on the link did you? Just wanted to get that post in there as fast as possible and point out that since I linked a CNN article on a CNN-independent report it somehow makes this CNN-independent report invalid, huh? If the real report has too many big words for a semi-literate inbred like you and scares you, I understand.
If i were to post an article as highly debated as this from Fox you fuckers would flame the shit out of me, but no, CNN is ok because they are a liberal media outlet and dems always tell the truth. Yep.
Who's debating the article aside from you?
Now as far as climate change, i don't deny that it is happening, i just don't believe that climate change is caused by us (humans). Climate change has happened many, many times over history and is a very natural recurring thing.
And that's about when you stop listening and conveniently ignore the accelerated rates of change as a function of time.
Originally Posted by ATOTony76 View Post
Humans compared to the earth have been around for a super small fraction of time. Are we going to be that ignorant to assume this has only happened now because that is all we know?
So, genius, how do you know it's a natural thing that's happened many many times if this 'super small fraction of time' is 'all we know'?
Eh, im not one of those repubs that deny everything in the name of god.
This coming from the creationist? Now THAT'S funny.
Originally Posted by anti-bling View Post
Listen very carefully Tony, i am only going to explain this once.

You obviously have enough brains to figure out how to turn on a computer, spell words, and form coherent sentences.
You're 1/3 right. You really shouldn't bother wasting keystrokes. He's read it all before, he just ignores anything that doesn't agree with what he's been instructed to believe - like any good creationist.

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

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