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Default 4th time riding

Today will be my 4th time riding. So far I have taken 2 lessons (3 more to go) and practiced quite a bit on my own the last 3 times. I spend most of my time practicing on the bunny hill and riding the green 1 to 2 times towards the end of the day. I've learned how to turn on both sides and do some 360 rotations down the hill. I ride goofy but I am trying my best to learn switch at the same time. The stance angles I've tried so far include: 0/10, 5/10, -5/10, -5/15, -10/15, -15/15, and -15/18.

I feel more comfortable riding duck. My plan today is to try -15/15. Practice turning over and over and continue to try carving (carving will be my next lesson in 2 weeks). Ride switch every other run and get comfortable with all those basic techniques mentioned above. Is this learning plan to fast? Should I focus on a specific techinique first before learing to carve?? Am I getting ahead of myself?

Again, I'm a newbie at this. Any advice you can offer is really appreciated especially from the instructors on this board. Thanks in advance!
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