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Originally Posted by Jon K View Post
If there are any old timer V1 people around they should recognize me.

Now either take part in the political discussion or go away.
@ Jon K
Considering that anything regarding Israel is usually a pretty sensitive issue (including on these forums) I found it strange that someone's first post would be about it on a snowboarding site. In my personal opinion I think it was legitimate to question your intentions given the situation, but if you're just trying to raise a discussion on the issue that's fine. No need to take it personally.

Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
No one has said that Israel is the "bad guy"....there have been, are currently and will be atrocities committed by both sides in this conflict. What people the world over object to is the blind support of Israel by the United States, regardless of what they do. It is like a parent who thinks that if they correct or admonish a misbehaving child that somehow that is not showing love.

A true ally will use a bit of tough love when it is called for and that is exactly what some of us are calling for. Israel is no different that other countries; sometimes they fuck up. When that happens, a friend should call them on it. Israel makes its own situation more difficult when it crosses the line and it endangers the United States as well as we become the target of terrorism.

I love how some people; you may or may not be one of them, act like they speak for ALL Israelis in subjects like this. It is arrogant as fuck to do so. Just as in America, Israel is a nation that is politically divided. Many Israelis who love their country are very critical of the actions their government takes quite often. Maybe you need to let the Israeli voices of opposition speak for themselves once in awhile as this is where Israel`s own enlightenment and change is going to come from, not some American know it all trying to speak for them....

And for what its worth, is dead and V1 has been dead a very long time. You are welcome to be a part of our community but rest assured, things run a damn site different on this forum and the behavior of the people there is not welcome or tolerated here. Civil, respectful debate is practiced on this site.....

@ Snowolf
While it's been a little while since I've checked the numbers, I remember reading the list of countries America "supports" (I can't remember if it was straight up money or if it calculated cost based on goods given). Israel was one of the highest (at a damn high amount), but there were several other nations in the Middle East that we donate a pretty comparable amount to. Given the present situation, do you think that it would be prudent to not only cut funding to Israel but the other nations as well?
(I can try to find the actual figures later, but I got class in 2 hours so I'm going to grab a quick wink beforehand)

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