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For some reason none of you have commented on the article posted on my first post. Is it that you have double standards? When an Israeli rehab center is hit by a rocket from Gaza, unprovoked by the way, what is the justification? Even in an all out war, attacking a rehab center should be wrong, right?

Israel is no different that other countries
Oh it isn't? I believe it is. Israel is the ONLY democratic state in the middle east, Hence the US's support of it. The list of differences gos on and on but then you would only label me as a self appointed spokesman for all of Israel.

I strongly believe that America supports Israel for two main reasons. One, we were a big part of their creation after WWII and we feel an obligation to help them. Two, we realize that if we pulled our support, the rest of that region would probably eventually jump on them like a pack of wild dogs and ignite WWIII.
If all the neighboring countries "jumped on" Israel, I trust history will repeat itself and Israel would survive. i.e. The War of Independence of 1948 (after the UN's partition plan was approved, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria attacked Israel. Israel is still here.), The Six Day War of 1967 (When Egypt, Jordan and Syria launched a combined, multi-fronted war on Israel. Israel is still here), Yom Kippur war of 1973, etc.

But yes, it would be a lot harder for Israel to defend itself without the US's support. Just a reminder, it is the US's best interest to keep Israel in the middle east, as it is it's only ally in the region.

Now in order not to have another of those empty "Israel is good/bad/worse/awesome" discussions, I offer you an interesting article to read. Notice who the writer is:

Demonizing Israel is bad for the Palestinians

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