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Originally Posted by PaoloSmythe View Post
This hyphenated, ethnicity nomenclature is an interesting one, in that it is limited only to the USA (the true home of hyper-sensitive bullshit!)
We've yet to pass laws banning head scarves. Nor have we had any riots in Dearborn, MI.... yet.
In europe, much as is the case in canada, people are described by their origins. I have never heard of a jamaican-british or a chinese-canadian.

If you are in (for eg.) America, why do you have to suffix 'american' to your 'category'?
Because that's the way it's done here. I realize to European eyes, any difference (even if something as innocuous as white socks with dark shoes, banning smoking in supermarkets, or personal hygiene) between Americans and Europeans is automatically taken as a sign of American incivility and inferiority, but you're getting uptight about the same stuff you're blasting America for getting uptight about, only in the other direction.

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