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Originally Posted by Donutz View Post
Pretty provocative subject line, I'll admit.

Here's the thing: I've noticed (or I think I have-- my sample size is pretty small) that people who are religious and people who are global warming denialists and people who are into "alternative medicines" and people who are into psychics and astrology tend to be the same people. It's obviously nowhere near a 100% correlation, but I'm pretty sure it's higher than a random distribution. Am I imagining it? Am I overly sensitized?

No need to limit it to the subjects I've listed either. There's Obama-as-muslim, Obama-as-foreigner, Moon-landing-was-faked, Holocaust-was-faked, global-shadow-conspiracy, flouride-as-communist-plot, etc etc etc. Is there a particular mindset that draws people to this stuff?
They are all things that tend to have no proof of existence. Or if there is proof its based on flimsy evidence. religion being the really big one. No proof or evidence there at all, jsut lots of misguided faith.

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