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I would disagree with your statement. Of course there are certain people who claim to be Christian who are very outspoken about issues, and that's why you always see that type rather than any other. Because they're so outspoken.
Would it be very interesting news wise if there was a mild mannered man who claimed he was a Christian but didn't want to kill abortion doctors or thought that Obama was a fellow brother in Christ? Or said that he was perfectly fine with other types of religious types of buildings were built because that's kinda a big deal that we can do that sort of stuff here?

Of course not. As much as people would like to claim they want fair and balanced news and whatnot, it's often not nearly as interesting as skewing it the way you (or your audience) want. People who are interested will tune in more and that will create larger ad revenues. Thus, on the news at least you're going to see a lot of the crazies getting airtime over the more level headed individuals.

Regarding medical practices, a lot of doctors are Christians. If nothing else, some consider medical advances or skills to be gifts from God and to be used as such. There will be some Christians who buy into the alternative medicine scams, but then I feel there would be a lot of Atheists who do as well.

If it's one point that I'm trying to get across, it's that you can't stick all Christians into one mold. Besides going down to individual beliefs, there are tons of individual sects and a couple of religions (I, among others, consider) outside of Christianity but influenced heavily by it. Hell, even among Lutherans you have the Wisconsin Synod (very conservative, fundamentalist almost), the Missouri-Synod (considered by the Wisconsin to be liberal, by ELCA to be conservative), and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (considered very liberal by both of the previous groups). And that's just one very small portion of Christians right there. Regarding most of the issues (Evolution, Abortions, Premarital Sex, Medical Care, Euthanasia, Gay Rights) you'll individuals who fall on both sides of the spectrum.

Edit: I realize the posting wasn't outright specific about Christianity, but that's usually to what it seems to boil down.
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