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You may have, brown pants/green jacket/black helmet. I'm usually on the frontside of the mountain though unless there was a nice dump, I'm probably a bit hard to find since I'm always in the tree's .

The leagues are so confusing, their all different depending on 2v2,3v3 etc and all named shit like alpha beta squadron niner six gamma . I've got a pretty good ranking in 3v3, I'm like #10 in a Silver rank. What I do is build up a bunch of zerglings in the beginning to defend/rush, and then upgrade to infestors slightly later. Economics wise it's pretty efficient since Infestors use alott of vespene gas but hardly any minerals, and zerglings only cost minerals. I just love sneaking the infestors into the back of someones base and dropping a huge army of infested marines.

My username is Sebastian if anyone wants to play.
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