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Originally Posted by Jud_X View Post
the most recommended bindings on this forum for all mountain riding is union forces.

but Id urge you to look at Rome targas, they have a few features that the forces don't and are a little bit cheaper.
Wrong. That was the old most recommended. This year it's the Rome 390 bosses. And that is exactly what I recommend

He's doing boxes too so the Targas are going to be suxxorz for that. Well, not entirely thanks to the adjustability. Still, BOSSES all the way.

What makes you interested in Flows? I am a long time Flow binding supporter, but I have always only recommended it to riders for specific reasons.

1) If you ride on a small mountain with a lot of lift riding time, then Flows are going to rock since they are super easy to enter/exit. Another reason that quick entry/exit is good is for bigger riders. Even if you are in shape, bending down to strap in can be taxing. Same with sit-down strapping in.

2) If you have foot fatigue from extended riding, Flows will almost completely resolve that problem. This scenario only applies if you have the right boots though. Boots are first and foremost in foot comfort. Say you have great fitting boots and you experience foot fatigue after riding, then the bindings are the culprit. Flow's strap design evenly distributes pressure on the top of your feet. Whereas traditional strap bindings are isolated to two regions on your feet. I can literally ride 16 hours in my Flows without any foot fatigue.

If you fall in that criteria, the NXT-AT's are great bindings. The NXT-ATSE is that much better. The SE version of Flows are much easier to set up since they only use 2 mini ratchets rather than 4. I personally ride the Flow NXT-FSE. It's slightly stiffer and lighter.
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