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Exactly that. More then anything Religion is for weak people who need something to latch onto because they have a hard time understanding the world. It gives a simple, clear explanation and allows people to operate at a very low level of intelligence because instead of questioning and learning they just are able to do what they're told. No thinking necessary.

I hate to be so Anti-Religion, but since the dawn of civilization it's been nothing more then a method of controlling a huge populous. I will however give religion credit for helping kick-start human civilization. It made people follow a set of rules and have a conscious beyond eat-sleep-kill. It created the whole "Family" and "Clan" structures and helped take away the chaos of anyone just walking into your ho-ho-hut and killing you for food and possessions because that would simply just be animalistic survival. Before science was a viable methodology, it gave people answers to the unknown and a way to live. Since the peak of Ancient Civilizations however, it has been nothing but poison, and a way to control the simple minded masses.

I feel that Religion has the power to do good, just as Science does, but humans being given consciousness and free-will will always manipulate both for their own objectives.

In the end, it's not so much the application but the applicator: Shitty Humans.

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