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Originally Posted by justdust View Post
Faith does not require fact, it tends to discourage it.
Exactly on point. All to often, theists display what I like to call "aggressive ignorance", where they not only do not know something, they do not WANT to know it, will actively avoid knowing it, and if they accidentally learn something will seek to purge it asap. For instance, you can only believe literal creationism if you are carefully ignorant of biology basics, so most creationists steer clear of learning anything about it. It's only possible to believe in the bible at all if you very carefully do not learn about the anthropological and historical information about it. etc. As a result, theists tend to look upon knowledge, logic, and stuff like the scientific method with contempt. Well, wouldn't you if it constantly caused you so much trouble?

Conversely, atheists when arguing with theists (which happens often) have this perverse tendency to want to argue based on facts (those scum!) and will actually look stuff up.

It tends to make atheists more knowledgeable about the reality of religion, especially the unsanitized stuff.

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