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Goals for 2010-2011...

I have to pick up where I left off last year and work on those spins. 3's have been difficult (mentally) for me even though I've landed them in the past. Once I get over that mental roadblock I don't think 540s are out of the question. Honestly I will feel like a failure if I can't do these by end of season.

Playing around more in the park since we don't exactly have "epic" terrain at Pine Knob... I can boardslide the butter boxes but need to take that up a notch, should be doing back/front boardslides on the kinked boxes, maybe some lipslides for good measure.

I can do rails but would like to get more tech, hopefully taking those boardslides on to the rails and also adding variations like 180 on & 180 off.

If we get a good amount of snow I am interested in trying some urban stuff. I've got a huge list of spots that I've scoped out all summer long and I've got some ideas about how to bring it all together and maybe make a good short film in the 10-15 minute range.
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