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People are point on about the Flows. I have been a long time Flow user, but I also love traditional bindings as well.

The biggest advantage of Flow bindings for me is not the speed of entry/exit. It's the comfort. When I shred with all my buddies with their traditional bindings, I am the only one that is not wanting to give his feet a rest. This is a big benefit to me because I am getting older and older. My body just doesn't have the stamina it used to. For me, the responsiveness trade-off is well worth it.

I can do anything that I do in traditional bindings in my Flows. But yes, traditional bindings give me more responsiveness. Does it alter the way I ride? Heck no. Traditional bindings do alter the way I ride though. I have to take more breaks to give my feet a rest.

However, I do a lot while I shred. If I'm just cruising, it doesn't matter as much. But I do a lot of presses, constantly switch back and forth, jump off stuff, etc... all of that takes a toll on my feet. And yes, I do have great boots. It is in fact the traditional strap system that gives me foot fatigue.

Flow's mini ratchets aren't the best, but are greatly improved over their original system. Personally, I prefer the SE Flows. They only need two ratchets per binding. The inner straps are tool-less adjustments like on traditional bindings. This makes them super easy to set up. I don't have to worry about marking the ladders to remember my settings if I ever have to take the caps off because all I have to do is strap them down like any traditional bindings.

As for build and quality, as with anything, the more parts, the more chances for failure. I always advise people to contact Flow and request an extra set of hardware. Never shred without these parts. I've never had to use them, but that isn't the case for everyone. I've tortured my many Flow bindings over the years. Even the cheapest Flow Flites stood up to abuse. I had a pair of Ride LX bindings that broke the second day out. Shit happens. Reviews and David Z's rants
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