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Agree completely. In Canada the media is especially bad about seeking a sound bite that they can freak out about. Then they run in tight little circles screaming "OMG! OMG! Mr X did Y or said Z! OMG! Read our newspaper! READ! READ!"

I watched an interview of our PM a few years back, where he was trying to have a real conversation about real national issues and the reporter just kept pounding him about abortion. Abortion was NOT an issue in that election, nor is Harper particularly hard-line about it. But that's the time of hot-button topic where just about *anything* you say can be made inflammatory. And the reporter was just bound and determined to get something he could screech about.

I think the media should get out of the way and stop editorializing and spinning everything. Just report it straight, like Cronkite used to do. let *us* decide if we want to elect a baby-killer or a theocratic dictator. Let us decide if we want to elect a soulless communist fiscal incompetent or a jingoistic racist homophobic fiscal incompetent.

Hey, maybe without all the spinning, we can get back to just calling them 'democrats' and 'republicans'. Wouldn't that be a treat?

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