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Default New TSA Screenings

Invasive new TSA airport screening procedures are barely justifiable | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Columnist Jacquielynn Floyd | Dallas-Fort Worth News

Ok, maybe I'm old fashioned but I dont really want some government employee feeling up my Mrs. when we are about to head out on a family vaca. I am not against stringent security rules at the airports, but I think aggressive pat-downs cross the line a bit. Well, let me rephrase, aggressive pat-downs of men with turbans on their heads may be a bit more in line than patting down my very attractive wife. I am not a frequent flier and I want to know my flight is safe, I just dont see how patting down every granny, hottie and Joe American keeps us safer. Personally, I dont mind the body scanner idea. Want to see me naked to get on the plane, your loss, but I know alot of people, my wife included, are absolutely loathing the day. Just curious what others think. Is it a necessary evil?
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