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Originally Posted by vrecksler View Post
OK, I am probably in the large minority of older riders who actually loved the baseless bindings that were all the rage in the early to mid 90's. Sure, the adjustability wasn't great as you were limited to angles of -8 to +8 or so, and if you had big feet (or a narrow board) you'd be creating rooster tails on turns, but otherwise they were pretty fantastic.

Anyway, I was hoping there were others who remember these and maybe (just maybe) there was someone who still had a pair kicking around. I used to have a pair of Bent Metal baseless, as well as a pair of Burton baseless, and I'd love to throw a pair back on my board. I know it's wishful thinking but figured I'd try and harness the power of the internet on this one.

The season officially starts here in BC this weekend! Whistler is opening up this weekend, and Baker is expecting to as well. A couple buddies and I are thinking of splitting up to Baker, maybe hit Hemispheres, before the lifts open if we can get a day off work. But either way, it's nice to know that I'll be strapping on a board within the next couple of weeks.
Have you NOT heard of Burton's EST and ICS/Channel Technologies?...

Basically, Burton EST (Extra Sensory Technology) Bindings are the resurrection of those old baseless bindings from the '90s, and Burton's ICS (Infinite Channel System), a.k.a. The Channel, is its counterpart.

Burton made a pretty smart move developing baseless bindings into their EST Technology while simultaneously developing their ICS Technology--the most well-developed and usable sliding snowboard binding mounting system ever. And the SMARTEST thing Burton did with these two separate technologies--was to interconnect them.

EST Bindings are ONLY compatible with ICS Boards.

But ICS Boards can (also) be used with traditional/normal/disk-type Burton Bindings through the use of (2-hole) ICS-adapter disks.

Burton markets ICS as the best snowboard binding mounting system ever due to its practically infinite stance width/location possibilities. Burton also markets their EST bindings as the only bindings that can fully exploit all of the advantages of EST due to their supposed ease of adjustibility, improved board feel, and what not.

I've been using traditional/normal/disk-type Burton Bindings for years and currently own 2008 CO2s, 2009 C60s, and 2010 P1.1, but I've never used any of their EST bindings. I also currently own three different Burton ICS Boards and I like ICS a-lot, but I've never wanted to buy EST Bindings that could only be used on ICS Boards when traditional/normal/disk-type Burton Bindings (like the ones I/we've been using for years and I already own) work on/with any board.

I know that EST Baseplate-Cushions are removable and replaceable and can even be upgraded with canted and techier versions as well. I also remember hearing that ESTs could also be used without any Baseplate-Cushions in-place--as truly baseless bindings--but I don't know...

I think that Burton has just released redesigned versions of EST and ICS for this current 2010/2011 season, but again, I'm not sure...

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