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We have posted these instructions here before, but please give this a try:

The entry is a bit different than some users initially might think. These are the steps for first setup at home:

Set each of the 4 adjustment points to the very last tooth on the adjustment straps (largest position). Insert your foot (must be tightly laced in the boot-do not set up with a loosely laced boot). Position your foot so that the highback can clear the heel (but just clear it-as far back as possible). Use the ratchets, tightening the strap down to your boot. The binding is now ready to ride. When you go to kick in again, your boot will not get all the way in. It will be resting on the highback. That is correct. From this position, pull up on the high back, and stand down on your heel. The boot will "shoehorn" into place. As your boot will always be moist from snow when riding, this is very easy when riding, a bit harder when dry.
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