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Originally Posted by Qball View Post
haha! It was kind of confusing when I first read it.. too many nothings. I don't think it is a very good definition though. Just because some one believes there is no God, or gods, doesn't automatically mean they think the "Big Bang" or evolution is truth.
In fact there are several competing theories for the beginning of the universe. People often use the phrase "big bang" and lump them all into one. There are also several competing theories for how evolution (small E) works, of which Evolution (big E) is one. Again, people tend to lump them together with the word evolution.

On a lower scale of credibility, there are the various religious beliefs about the origins of life, the universe, and everything. Fundamentalism is unique only in that fundamentalists think it's a two-party fight and that they're one of the two.

For all the flaws, shortcomings, and unknowns in scientific theories, you still have the following very important differences between them and fundamentalism (or any superstition):

- Scientists try to fit the theory to the facts. If the theory comes up short, they change the theory. Fundamentalists simply declare the facts to be different.

- Scientists freely admit they don't have all the answers, but intend to find them. Fundamentalists insist they have all the answers, despite all evidence to the contrary, and insist you stop looking.

- Scientists try to construct theories that are falsifiable, and able to make predictions. Fundamentalists couldn't care less, and in fact view the whole concept of verifiability with contempt, when they even bother to acknowledge it.

On the last point, here are three things that evolutionary theory predicted (successfully) long before they became mainstream science:

1) Nuclear fusion
2) Continental drift
3) DNA

So, Clubmyke, let's hear what falsifiability tests creationism has passed (I'm not holding my breath).

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