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Mr Munky, i did enjoy your eighth point

Why do i bother? tis a good question.

i think i bother because i would wish for the creationist theories to be true!

i shit thee not! and why not? it is of significant comfort to think that there is an all powerful thing up in the clouds, who is waiting to satisfy my personal preferences, by punishing those i consider naughty and re-uniting me with anyone i ever cared a bit about.

but as is the scientific nature, which i think is inherent in all humans (even mykes) as intelligent beasts, there is the need to find out 'why?'.

i have heard the religious speech and conclude bollocks.

i have heard the scientific speech and conclude it plausible but ultimately less than reassuring.

i have heard dawkins and have found his zealotry to be compelling but perhaps one step beyond.

i sit on top of the fence called agnostica. but if pushed to one side or the other, i would say that probability fails to endorse anything close to the creationist mentality.

but i guess i am lucky; i am content with my own ignorance and continue to enjoy learning. unlike some, i KNOW that i do NOT KNOW.

Just coz you don't understand it
Doesn't mean it makes no sense!
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