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Originally Posted by mpdsnowman View Post
*to have belief would imply faith.... in fact an atheist cannot have any belief.....
an arguement exists, that the atheist has an 'assumption' which is equally as whimsical as that of any religious follower.

one cannot 'prove' the non-existance of something purely due to a lack of evidence to support its existance. afterall, germs existed long before humankind had the means to identify them as such.

of course this example benefits from hindsight and until such can be applied to a god-like creator, we indulge in probability. this probability is what fuels atheistic reason, but still requires a few percentage points of 'belief'.

these few percentage points are admitted to by scientists and are then exploited by religious folk. but because god is a construct of humankind's imagination, it can be said that god's discovery lies in a region beyond our comprehension and thus is guaranteed never to be conclusively dismissed.

hence the need for faith... theistic faith in something unseen, atheistic faith that something will never be seen even though the search for it is not yet exhaustive.

aka simple headfark.

Just coz you don't understand it
Doesn't mean it makes no sense!
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