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Originally Posted by clubmyke View Post
- I never mentioned anything about God in this thread
So what? You're a well-known theist, and you posted something that is intended to be a put-down of atheism. Duh! Don't play disingenuous, CM. It's silly and no-one's fooled.

- I found the description this explanation of Atheism to be true.
So what? You've already proven time and time again that your belief system clouds your ability to think rationally. A believer doesn't believe in non-belief! whoopie! Call the newspapers!

However, by your own admission - it is quite clear that there was a bit of planning/design that went into the world/universe as we know it. Otherwise, what was posted is true.
Yeah, if you squint real hard, look sideways while toking up and yelling "LA LA LA!" you can make that claim. In the real world where most of the rest of us reside, that just didn't happen. Sorry.

To deny either one is admit oneself as a "ignoramus".
Barrier sales. Doesn't work when salescritters use it, won't work when you use it.

As usual, you have convinced nobody of anything. I'd complain and call you a troll, except that I actually welcome these threads. They are a good opportunity to educate lurkers, and each one chips away a little more at the credibility of organized superstition.

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