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Originally Posted by MunkySpunk View Post
Haven't we been through this before?

First off, this is not a political discussion, wrong section of the forum.

Second, let's save a lot of time an effort and just summarize what's going to happen in this thread:

1) You say god exists.
2) Nearly everyone else here disagrees with you.
3) You claim we have no proof your god doesn't exist while offering no proof that he does exist and no proof that other deities don't exist.
4) We point out the double standard.
5) You ignore any good points, good questions, or citations noting the big giant gaping holes in your logic while at the same time calling people names and saying how stupid they are (even as you misspell the sentence in which you call them stupid). You try to act like an intellectual (fooling nobody) and offer up the titles of several books that anybody who has seen your posts has a hard time believing you actually read.
6) I laugh at you and ask how you tie your shoes by yourself.
7) You go WAY off topic, tell us the problem with our logic is obvious, but refuse to actually identify the problem. Then you tell me my posts are obscene while ignoring your long history of personal attacks and childish posts here.
8) Paolo comes along and confuses you with his big words.
8) You claim debate victory, willfully or woefully ignorant of the fact that you are the only one claiming it and that you have just dumbfounded everyone reading this thread with such a claim.
10) We don't hear from you for 5 more weeks until you come back to troll this atheism vs. religion subject matter again.

Best post I have seen on this site.
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