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Originally Posted by J.Schaef View Post
The problem that I have isn't in the debate. It lies in the overwhelming attitude that those who believe in a "diety" are unable to think rationally, unable to reason. I see no correlation.

I am not going to join this "debate". It is fruitless, and lacking in substance.
First, it isn't really fruitless. I'll get back to that in a minute. Second, I kind of like that we're about to have a debate on the subject of debate. Makes me a little dizzy

I do have a problem with your second sentence above about overwhelming attitudes. *I* have a problem with people who think it's ok for *them* to have a behaviour, but not for them to be subject to it. Go climb onto christnet for a few minutes, and then tell me you don't see the same attitude towards non-theists or even non-christians. Or non-fundamentalists if you aren't one. Then climb onto physorg and look up posts by the likes of kevinrts. A more contemptuous, dismissive, and insultings set of posts is hard to find, all aimed at those who don't believe in his deity. So DO NOT get all boo-hoo about how theists are treated here. And let's not get too far away from the fact that this thread was started by clubmyke posting a quote that was contentious and was intended by CM to be so. His donning a cloak of injured innocence afterwards is pretty much standard practice for him.

Last, I'll get back to that first point. This type of debate isn't really for the benefit of clubmyke or myself. Neither of us is going to convince the other of anything. This is about lurkers -- that great mass of listeners who haven't necessarily made up their minds yet. They get to look at the debate *and* at the style of debate which is just as important, and hopefully it helps them make up their minds about theism. Keeping quiet would be a disservice to them, because it would give the false impression that theism is normal, reasonable, and inevitable.

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