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Originally Posted by J.Schaef View Post
I suppose in that sense you are correct, if I thought that a snowboarding forum was the place to present this type of information, maybe I would show my cards a little more.
Strictly speaking, you're correct. It does seem pretty odd, but then I think there's more of a community here than you'd strictly expect, so we're a little more willing to have beer-around-the-table discussions. There's also not the feeling of anonymity here that you get on usenet, so people generally temper their resposnses based on the possibility that they'll meet this person someday. (Even BurtonAvenger -- yeah, that's him pulling his punches )

Non-theists typically want all theists to hear their logical, and rational breakdown of why a God can't/doesn't exist.
Not quite. You should refer to that URL I supplied a few posts back. Most non-theists couldn't care less, unless the theists bring it up. If a theist says to me "I believe in God", I'm not going to argue with him. I'm going to say "That's nice. What board do you have?". But if a theist says "Only someone lacking in common sense would assume that the perfect order we see in the universe could happen without a creator/designer" they're going to get both barrels. Sorry, but if you're going to say something confrontational, you're going to get a confrontation.

And just to clarify, although it's beside the point, I don't argue against the possible existance of a deity -- I argue against the existance of the hands-on, no-sparrow-shall-fall, prayer-answering, creation-by-wand-waving, soul-damning version that the fundamentalist christians are always trying to foist on us. Because that version *is* subject to falsification tests, unlike the more generic version.

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