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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Disagree...We are predators and other animals fear us because through millions of years of our evolution, we have become the top predator on the planet and through evolution, other animals have developed an instinctual fear of man as a survival trait. A deer in the woods will react just as fearful of a mountain lion as they do a human. This is natural evolution, not supernatural in nature.
i would agree that any species generally fears humanoids just as they do any other potential predator / strange creature entering their domain (altho good luck telling a shark or a lion to be scared of your skinny arse!)

but i would agree with Myke, that human kind is anomalous to most if not all other speices on this planet; whether it is a blessing or a burden, we are self-aware. this is the true sense of heightened intelligence; a sense of mortality.

it is this same sense of one's own eventual demise, which provokes the concept of an after life or there being a purpose to everything. it is not that such things could possibly exist, but instead, it suits our egotistical urges to presume that such has been bestowed upon us.

this is the method by which an intellectual coward can see eventual death to be a good thing (and why it is so tough to shift their POV).

really, it is quite simple to understand (both the concept, and why people like Myke exist).

As for the precision of the universe, it is actually the very definition of Chaos. Within that chaos, lies random precision.
This idea of precision is another excuse not to think nor investigate too deeply.

Mr Wolf, again we agree, however i fear you are appeasing the god botherer. Everything is in a state of flux of an eventual decay. Nothing lasts forever and as such all precision is lost.

Just coz you don't understand it
Doesn't mean it makes no sense!
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