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Dolphins are self-aware, just off the top of my head

edit: Anybody read the Roswell, NM. transcripts of nurse Matilda MacElroy's 'Alien Interview' with the survivor of the 1947 crash?

Though the author claims it to be non-fiction, this science fiction text actually takes an interesting and particularly peculiar look at humans, god and our place in the Universe. Namely that we are all "Immortal Spiritual Beings", Souls in a body, rather than bodies with a soul, and as such we are all gods. We collectively created the Universe and can transcend from one to another. We on earth, however, have been trapped and forced to reincarnate again and again through a process of amnesia once we die (and it gets really fanciful here) because of the 'old empire' who turned the earth into a prison planet (hell) and sent all 'undesirables' (Criminals, perverts, crazy people as well as artists, free thinkers, non conformers) here.

It points to many historical 'facts' to further this story, such as the Pyramid cultures and their alignment at the center of the longitudinal/latitudinal center of earth, despite not being able to calculate such details unless from space, as well as Sumerian and Persian mythology, such as sculptures of 'Fahravar', 'Oannes', Ahura Mazda/Cyrus II (who were both part of 'The Domain' (good guys, but lost on earth thousands of years ago)

here's a free copy:

Anyways just typing that made me laugh, but again, it takes an interesting turn on the topic of spirituality from worshiping one god, to realizing we are all gods but were forced to believe that we weren't and made to instead become falsely Monotheistic. If you've watched the History Channels 'Ancient Aliens' program, a lot of what it says resonates with the topics of the show, and if you are a Scientologist, you'll feel this guy completely ripped you off

Did she say Strap-in or Strap-on?

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