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Originally Posted by Deviant View Post
I haven't read all the pages of this thread so if this was mentioned previously it's my bad..

The majority of the skier vs snowboarder bs comes from 2 types of people.

1) Older folk who have a problem with new things.
2) Kids that are too young and egotistical because one group isn't doing what they are doing.

The ONLY trouble I've really had out there is from older people (55+) that have some sort of preconceived notion that snowboarders are all punk kids, or that we "ruin the snow". The later being something I hear about once a year. We have 2 resorts close to each other here, about 17 years ago you could only snowboard at one resort but you still had to pay full price, now it's both resorts, but there's still the grumpy grandpas out there that don't want us on their snow. They didn't want it at "their" resorts before they even saw someone ride, but I think now it's starting to go away since they know we are here to stay. The whole CHANGE IS BAD mindset is slowly dying out thankfully too.

HoboMaster: I know what you mean about the chairlift thing. I don't understand what the big deal is though, I mean we're just sitting there, how many times have they sat close to a snowboarder in a restaurant or bar not knowing? I ride with a ton of skiers and am happy to share the chair with them anytime. The killing with kindness is a great approach, but I prefer a nice long laugh and thanking them as I'm getting off the lift (laughing) that they made my day Makes for some really red faces.

EDIT: I should have clarified that I didn't mean that all older people have a problem with snowboarders, I've ridden the lift with some really friendly people including an older guy who was super excited to ask all about snowboarding, but around here if we do get flak for it, that's 95% of the people that say something
Absolutely agree....I have had many good nice rides with skiers, but sometimes the sight of a board makes them regress to childhood. This guy in particular probably thought that since he saw beginners fall off the lift, he would make me fall too just for fun. He really looked disappointed when he turnedback and I was standing beside him! It was so obvious it made me laugh. Most of the times I have no problems at all with anybody...we are all there for the pow after all.
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