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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
This site is more than just a place to get board reviews; you can find plenty of that without interacting with the authors. This site is an online community and having a political section is no more "inappropriate" than having an "off season" section. Many of us have developed friendships from the site and friendship has to be based on more than just "what board do you like to ride" Through these various discussions, including politics, we find out who we are compatible with and who we are not.

As another poster mentioned, look at other forums where there is no political section and you see religion and politics pop up in the middle of gear review. Other than an occasional joking comment with a political edge to it, politics and religion saty here and do not infect the snowboarding topics. You should be thankful we have this section for members to enjoy/ Those who do not wish to see it, are spared as a result.

I always get a bit leery when someone expresses a desire to limit what people are allowed to discuss...

Ok.... That is a good point.

I agree that church and state should remain separate. I agree that the evangelical "Christian" movement is terrifying.

I would tend to agree with a lot of the scientific view points in this thread. Why humans are always speculating about the creation of the universe is beyond me. I don't think it matters.

To add to the human vs. animals debate. Infinite, there is no way to know that dolphins are aware of their own mortality either. I think that there is something else that separates us humans, from animals. We seem to have some sort of moral code. Now, I am not sure how valid this argument is, and I know that the "evangelical" movement uses it a lot.

It seems to me though, that we humans are really the only species who has labeled a set of behaviors as "right" and "wrong". Not in a hierarchical sense either. It is something that most humans just understand as right and wrong.

This in my opinion (on top of the clear awareness of our own mortality) is what separates us from the rest of the animals.

13/14 days

14/15 days
let's not talk about it
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