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Originally Posted by Gnarly View Post
I completely forgot about this thread.

Anyway, I've ridden this board 6x and my Bataleon Riot and Airobic are sitting collecting dust...If that's any indication of how good this board is.

Initial impressions:
Skating to the lift the first couple times was interesting. The board is sooo loose underfoot while skating that I almost ate $hit a few times.

My 1st day on the Wigglestick was mainly trying to get used to it. If you've ridden a Bataleon before, BS tech feels completely different because it's between the contact points. If you thought that a Bataleon was playful - just wait until you hop on the Wigglestick!

My 1st day on the Wigglestick, I really didn't like it at all. It was just totally foreign feeling to me because of how playful it was. I couldn't land any tricks on it because it spun much quicker than anything else I'd ridden before, so I constantly over-rotated and crashed - or almost crashed. On the Riot, I was used to being able to haul a$$, whoop my friends a$$es on the way down the hill, rail carves and boost myself to the moon on rollers. If that's what you're looking for - the Wigglestick will sorely disappoint you.

The hardest thing for me to get used to was how to land after spinning. With TBT, the raised portions of the base are from the edge of the bindings to the nose/tail...Which means that anytime you have a bad landing, just put more weight on the nose or tail and you'll rotate out easily. I got so used to it that I started to naturally land with more weight on on the nose or tail all of the time when spinning. If you do that with BS Tech, you will crash.

I almost gave up on it after that 1st day, but I decided to give it another chance...And I'm glad I did. Almost anything you liked about TBT freestyle softer boards (Airobic, Jam, Goliath etc), you can do better with BS Tech. Plus, because of the rocker, it handles somewhat decently in powder.

Honestly, I can't say enough good things about the Wigglestick. It's exactly the board I've been looking for. Extremely playful and loose feeling, but well rounded enough to be a board that you can use all over the mountain.

This weekend, I'm going to take the Airobic and Wigglestick up to Loveland and test them out back to back. I already compared the Riot to the Wigglestick, but that's not really a fair comparison since the Riot is much stiffer.

Final thought: After riding the Wigglestick so much, I don't want to ride the Riot anymore. In fact, I'm probably going to sell it. IMHO, BS Tech just made TBT go extinct.
That's quite the positive review you got there. I was wonderin', if your previous tendency to land on the nose/tail with TBT caused you problems with BS, what did you change to fix that? Did you try to land flat instead?

Also, can you elaborate what you mean by "spun quicker?"

In any case I got this in a 154 and I'm gonna use it as an all mountain jump board so your take is getting me excited about trying it out.
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