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Snowsports have never been cheap, they never will be cheap. It's an expensive hobby with a lot of costs associated. The companies that produce these expensive goods price them at what the market can bear. No snowboarding product is marked up 500% over "cost" if you truly understand what "cost" means. Cost is not the price of raw materials, it's everything that went into making that shit up until the point that the manufacturer delivers it to the retailer.

Making snowboarding goods is a business, there is no "soul" in it and there never was. If you think there was then you are delusional. There is a massive R&D cost, Marketing cost, Manufacturing cost, overhead cost, then the retailer has to get paid. It's not cheap by any stretch and there are a lot of people who need to get paid for doing what they do.

Sure there is the odd product or two that is wildly expensive, but they are labelled as luxury products, are marketed as luxury products and have limited manufacturing runs, chances are you will never see this $1800 snowboard in your local shops. I don't think $750 is unreasonable for a hand crafted snowboard with all these technological goodies that make my ride smoother. I don't think $250 is unreasonable for a POS made in china either. $600 for a 3L Gore-Tex jacket that will keep me dry to the core is completely reasonable once you see the manufacturing process that goes into it.

It sounds to me like you just can't keep up in this race for better gear if you want to gripe about it. So just stick to the cheap shit

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