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Default Lock failure,,,kinda...

I brought my lock to the hill today. It is a Brinks 4 digit dial combination lock with my cable.

I set the lock code and have used it in the past and checked it today. We come back from dinner and I can't unlock my board Since it is a changeable one, I think I screwed it up when I set it at the hill. I couldn't get my board.

the worst part
I go to my car, get a screw driver. Undo the highback so I can slide the cable off. In front of 3 guys fixing a board right, I mean right next to me. Not one of them asked what I'm doing, is that your board, went to get security, NOTHING.

That worries me, I guess if you look like you know what your doing nobody cares....
I had a member of the resort come break the lock so I could at least reuse the cable, while we were doing that, a guy comes to report that he just had his board stolen.

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