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Default painting my snowboard

I want to paint (THE TOP) of my snowboard BLACK.

Should I paint the top or wax the bottom first? Please give me pointers or directions. Get me started. Please and thank you.

Edit to conclude: I've edited my post more than once because it lacked detail to begin with.

Anyways, the top of my Morrow is not of my fancy. After reading all of the useful posts and combining the useful advice, I've come to realize I may: Sand the top to remove the top sheet (as best I can,) clean the sanded top with rubbing alcohol, paint the top with primer sealer (let dry for a day,) paint the top a solid black (let dry,) apply polyurethane for shine and to protect the paint and seal it in, get my bottom waxed, then slap a morrow sticker on the top, and get a stomp pad.

Thank you, AMessy, Jeklund, and EagleTalons. Happy shredding.

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