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A few 2012 Forum reviews/previews

First off, sorry no pics. I didn't have bring a camera. Stuff looks good though

145lbs, 5'8, Ride PhytopLE 9, Goofy 22in 15/-15

Youngblood DoubleDog 154, Shaka M

Chili in between your feet with camber underneath.

Flex: Stiffer than I thought it would be. More like a 6 than the 4 I though it was gonna be.

Stability/Turn: All gravy here. Pretty smooth, held and edge well, didn't chatter out, easy initiation and smooth throughout.

Pop: Nothing special, maybe just a little below average for a board this stiff with recamber.

Butters: Ew. Doable but not expecially fun to do. It was pretty tortionally stiff. Really had to muscle it around.

Jibs: Same as butters, just not that great and took more effort than I prefer for a park board.

Jumps: This is where I found some semblance of appreciation for the board. It did jump pretty well and I felt really comfortable here. For someone that is a serious jumper they'd want more pop.

Overall: For my riding style this just didn't do all that well for me. It was just too stiff for what I like in a park board. Probably would be super fun for backcountry jumps, but I rarely get that chance

Bindings: These matched up well with the board and I actually really liked them. Good vibes did near nothing that I felt. But it was super comfy. I basically just didn't notice them at all while riding, which for bindings in my opinion is great.

Destroyer DoubleDog 154, Republics L

Flex: Softer than I thought it would be. More like a 4.5 than the 6 I though it was gonna be.

Stability/Turn: Really smooth and damp. Average edge hold, nothing special but nothing that would ever cause a problem. Turn initiation was smooth and gave me no problems

Pop: Though it was softer than the Youngblood it had better pop. I might attribute that to being a little softer making it easier to initiate. It was just better off little rollers and whatnot. I liked this better on jumps than the youngblood too. It was plenty stable and more damp so landing felt great and with easier initiated pop it had better boost.

Butters: Much better than the Youngblood here too. Not a butter machine, but they were still fun.

Jibs: Fun. Not easy or ideal, but someone with more weight than me would probably be able to press it to pluto. It is reverse camber after all.

Jumps: Kinda already went over this in pop. It jumped well and I really like it. Lively and good off edge with a nice stable landing.

Overall: I liked this board. A hair stiffer than I prefer for an all park board, but maybe in a 152 it would be more to my liking. Not my favorite board but one that I will have no problem recommending to someone looking for a 60/40 split jumps/rails.

Bindings: Matched up well again though I think Shakas would have been better. They were just a little too soft side to side to be a setup I would buy. They were plenty comfy and responsive though. Good Vibes still not noticeable.

Scallywag 151, Shaka M

Standard Chilidog

Flex: Stiffer than I thought it would be. I was expecting a soft jibstick but it ended up more of like a 3.5 or a 4.

Stability/Turn: Nothing to complain about. Not the most stable, not the smoothest but well built and fun overall.

Pop: A little below average to be honest. A little disappointing but I got over it pretty quick. It wasn't below average enough to make it annoying or boring.

Butters: Best of the three but still not the most fun I've ridden. Continuous rocker so totally doable, but I prefer something with a little more torsional flex in the tips.

Jibs: Fun, locked well, didn't lock all that pressed out, but enough to get the job done. Compared to most 'jib' boards this had really good snap in and out.

Jumps: Really quite fun on the board. I'm not one to use immense amounts of pop from my board to get my boost so this having mediocre pop was not a problem. I really liked it off jumps and it's definitely something I would consider as an all park board. I landed back seat a couple times and it held its own and let me squeeze out.

Overall: I had the most fun on this board. I've ridden only a few boards that were super good on both jibs/butters and jumps. Most the time I get something that's super fun on one or the other or just good on both. This was just good on both. For someone looking for a good 50/50 park board under $400 this would be a great bet.

Bindings: If there was a consensus, maybe a little stiff for the board, but if I were to buy a Scallywag I would get them with it.

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