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Hey guys and gals,

First post! The first time I had stepped in snow was last year at Steamboat (Im 29). So stoked to be there, ready to board. My only prior board sport experiance was perhaps 2 waterski days worth of busting my ass.
I enrolled in lessons since the package was actually cheaper than rentals and lift tickets. If it wasn't for this, I wouldn't have took lessons. Probably a good thing I did. The first day of a group lesson, I couldn't even stand up on the board. I figured it was hopeless as I was only going to be there for 3 days.
Let me backup to say, in my awe of the mountain, I had jokingly asked the ski rental dude "What are the chances of going down a black diamond after 3 days." He looks me up and down and says "No way." Bet on!
Day 2. By then end of the day, I had mustered up the skill to do the training slopes and linking turns.
Day 3. Judgement day. The instructor says Im ready to try a gentle blue hill (if there was such a thing). Up the lift I go. Grab my balls and off I go, and made it down without falling. Oh yeah. Enough of this blue crap, lets do the damn thing.
Approach the edge of the black diamond and I knew I was done for. Gotta do it anyway....the rental dude said I couldn't right? Off I go.
While I'm not going to sit here and inflate the story to say I hit a 720 by accident, I was most definitly out of my comfort zone, probably going about 20-25 mph. My arms were probably flailing about and it looked like I needed medical attention, but I stayed up, and promptly got my ass off that slope in search of a gentler blue. By that time my thighs were on fire from trying to slow down heelside, and I forgot where I was for .00000000000001 of a second. While I was in the air reflecting on my mistake, I remembered to not catch myself with the wrists, so I took it like a man....on the forearms, punching myself in the face with a closed fist and breaking my Oakley metal sunglasses. Nasty black eye, and audible laughs from my wife for weeks.
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