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Originally Posted by Brentslide View Post
I dislocated mine 2 years ago with a similar result. Didn't go back in without the aid of three people and lots of morphine. I got full range after 6 weeks without physio. I went back to work in the forest a week after the dislocation. If you can, take it easy cause shoulders are prone to reoccur after the fact. Be adamant with the physio and keep strengthening and stretching. In other words don't be a slacker, then once you feel you're ready; go riding!
6 weeks I can deal with. 2 weeks already in and it's healing very fast, but I'm constantly worried I'll get too confident with it and hurt it I'd kinda slacked before with PT (I've had bad shoulders for a couple years now) because my shoulders didn't give me day-to-day trouble, but in this case every time I try to move my elbow away from my side for any reason I'll have a reminder to get to it

Originally Posted by garlicbread View Post
i know my story isnt average but heres my experience. about 5 years ago i dislocated my shoulder pretty bad skating, i ended up having to go to the hospital and like you said have it put back in by a doctor and a few nurses. then it happened again a few weeks later at a rope swing... back to the hospital. after that it must have dislocated 50 times over the coarse of a year and i just learned how to put it back in myself. i was sooooo bumbed out for the longest time, no skating or snowboarding. i waited a while to get health insurance from work so i could get surgery, it was not practical for me to get arthroscopic surgery as i had done to much damage to the joint, i decided to have full blown open shoulder surgery (i forget the actual name for it) where a useless bone would be cut out and placed in the socket to replace the missing cartilage. the surgeon did a great job, after a painful 6 months to a year recovery, my shoulder was absolutely back to normal and to this day still is. long story short, shoulders are a bitch, my shoulder injury kept me away from snowboarding for 3 years as i was just afraid of hurting my shoulder, then dealing with the rehab/recovery phase.
Damn dude.... At this point, surgery is not an option for me until spring at least, and only as a last resort. You must have done some serious damage because I have a friend who dislocated his shoulder 6 times and had to have surgery and was cleared to ride again less than 3 months later.
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