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Default K2 Moment womens board or ?

A good friend of mine wants me to teach her to ride this year. She has ridden for a few years but is still very much a beginner. Currently she is riding if I remember right an old Rossignol ex rental board from like 5 years ago, so far from optimal. It has some heavy rock damage so rather than repairing it I am planning to buy her a new one for Christmas this year, and I found a 2009 K2 Moment board on sale at a local shop for 179.99$, bear in mind I'm canadian so that is canadian dollars. I have done a little research and this seems to be a pretty good board for a beginner rider, but something she can progress with as she gets better which is what I would like. We are looking at around a 150cm, she is about 5'4" and maybe 140lbs at most (you know how women are she hasn't actually told me her exact weight) but we went to a store together and she did say that she fits into the weight range that was specified for that size board. Also feet are size 8.5 or so. I will be taking her to Mt Baker a couple times this year, as well as Cypress and probably Whistler at least once too. So I am looking for a board that can pretty much be ridden anywhere without being too difficult to learn on, and one that she won't have to replace right away with a higher end board. Would this be a good board for this, or is there a better board in this price range I should look at? I am in Canada and I don't want to buy online, so take that into consideration also. Thank you for any help you can give me.
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