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Originally Posted by crsv619 View Post
i just got these and tried em out for the first time on sunday. i like how easy it is to get in and out of them. and the toe strap flexes enough to conform to any boot... it hugs your toe really well for more control. i had burton stilettos before these, which also had a toe strap, but it was so stiff and box-y that you had to align the strap and boot just right for it to fit (which didn't make for a quick strap in).

so yeah, i felt very comfortable in the fluxes. no gripes yet, and i am definitely a fan. all the boys i ride with have flux bindings and love em to death.. so i know lots who will vouch for the brand.

and plus they come in cute colors like emerald and pink.

Thanks for the info!! Right now I'm trying to win a pair of FLUX bindings on facebook but I'm up against a High School Kid with close to 700 friends so it's not looking good. I always seem to be behind by about 4 or 5 votes but that still puts me in second place.

If I don't win, I'll probably go with the best deal I can find between the Burton Lexa Tucan and the FLUX bindings.
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