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Originally Posted by Chriskot View Post
I don't think you understood my point, but it doesn't really matter anymore since the question was answered. Tech for some products change faster than others. For instance a shirt 3 years ago versus today doesn't really change "tech" but 3 years for a computer makes a huge difference. Which means saving 25% on a 3 year old shirt versus 25% on a 3 year old computer is different. So my question is where on this scale do these bindings land. Understand?

The product isn't 25% off... Maybe you mean I'd save 25% versus going with the Force bindings...
That is pretty terrible comparison imo, since when do shirts advertise with the year they were made as a big selling point? When you buy bindings most sites actually include in the main listing title the name and year, Ie. "Union Force's 2010/2011"....when I go looking at shirts does it advertise the year? No, it looks like "DC Star T-Shirt". There is no change in tech on a t-shirt; however, when it comes to gear, just like any sport, year of production and the original target audience(low end, mid, high end user) matter alot.
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