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Default Windham TR - Vid & Pics

First trip of the season was a pretty spectacular one. After a long summer wait, both my board and snow got to reunite finally, along with me testing out my GoPro Camera which came in the mail the day before

After reading the snow report and looking at the conditions, I decided to take out my CUSTOM X for this trip, since I really needed that extra edge control.
Me personally, i dont like to start off the season with a really hard board, I was hoping on taking out my softer board for forgiveness and just to get my feet and lower body back into the swing of things. I guess thats why i was extra jittery about my first run,

Once i strapped in and approached the lift, i felt pleasure, anxiety and even more so nervousness pass thru my body. I guess i mustve been really amped for this upcoming season.
at the summit i strap in, and begin my journey down. To my surprise, i start of doing some cross over turns, and steadily increasing my speed thru the hard pack and getting used to again the beast that is the CUSTOM X. Half way down the trail, the conditions become more soft with very lovely humps down the middle, at this point im tempted to launch off, but being my first run of the season, i held back and continue my cruise. I reach the bottom in no time, and all feelings of anxiety disappear and i feel in sync with my board once again.

Here are some screenshots that my friend took of me throughout the day. Also at the end....i did a little experimental video that i did with the go pro cam. Its my first time editing on a Macbook's iMovie, so pretty much i was still getting to know the program and learning how the cameras dif settings work.


and here is that video i did...once again, its nothing special yet

YouTube - windham experimental
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